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5 Daily Exercises to Help Improve Blood Flow to the Heart

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There are many reasons why exercising is good for your body. These reasons include, but are in no way limited to, weight loss, increased and improved blood flow, better breathing with less pressure on the chest, and more. Today, we are going to discuss why it is important for you to exercise to improve blood flow to your heart, and 5 exercises that you can do daily to make sure that you are keeping your body in the best condition possible.

Why does exercising increase blood flow to the heart?

This fact is pretty easily explained. Your blood is going to move differently depending on what you are doing. If you are sitting down in the same spot all day, you are more likely to get a blood clot than someone who is constantly active. When you exercise more, your blood will continue to flow in a healthy manner. There are ways to get your blood circulating properly without regular exercise, but these methods still require active and constant movement.

The more you move around, the more blood flows throughout your body. If you move the right part of your body, you will get more blood flowing to your heart, legs, or whatever body part you are trying to improve the blood flow to.

How do you know when you need to exercise to improve the blood flow?

Whenever you are getting pains or aches in certain parts of your body, this is a sign that you need to get up and get moving. This is especially important if you aren’t usually moving around in your daily life and you suddenly start to get these aches and pains. This means that a muscle in your body has an increase or lack of blood and you need to even it back out by getting up and getting moving. Even if you only move around for about 10 minutes, it should still be enough to get the blood back to flowing normally so you can continue your day as usual.

However, if you are someone who does regularly workout and move around, you might want to check in with a doctor before overworking your body with a blood flow workout routine that you might not need. You never want to risk making the situation worse if you don’t need to when moving around to get to the doctor.

How often should you be exercising?

You should try to get moving at least once a day. This is just so that your blood is never really sitting in one place for too long. You can’t move around in your sleep and you sit down a lot during your everyday life. So whenever you can move around during the day is good. Bringing in even a simple, 15 minute exercise every single day is going to improve your blood flow in your body by a large amount.

It’s important to keep in mind that the exercises that you are doing, while can be beneficial in plenty of ways, are not here to help you lose weight. The exercises that we are going to talk about are strictly for getting your body moving. Don’t get unmotivated when you aren’t seeing any improvements on the outside of your body as this is not the main focus that we are trying to fix. You want your blood to flow properly throughout your body and to your heart.

How to put together the best healthy exercising schedule so you don’t overdue your body

You should try your best to get moving every single day, especially when you are only doing it in order to keep your blood flowing throughout your body properly, but you need to pick and choose which exercises you want to do daily. If you end up doing all of these exercises in the same day, you will be sore for the rest of the week, and you will be sent right back to square one.

Make sure that you pick one daily exercise and focus on that for about an hour, or for about 10 minutes every other hour so that you are keeping your body moving at different times of the day. Never overwork your body and you should be able to keep up a safe, and healthy, routine for your mind and body.

The exercises that you should be focusing on for a healthy heart:

Now that we have went through the importance of keeping active and moving around throughout the day to keep your blood and body working together properly, what are the exercises that you should be focusing on for good blood flow with minimal work?

Jogging, running, or walking:

Cardio workouts are perfect for getting your blood moving. Your heart is pumping because you are walking, or running around, and your legs are working to keep you active and healthy. People with heart conditions usually go on walks or jogs often to keep their hearts happy.


Pushups work out your body muscles and gets your blood flowing easy if you aren’t a pro at pushups. If you feel the pain of your muscles while doing a pushup, this means that your body is stressed and moving blood throughout your body faster. If you are good at pushups, your blood will still move around, you will just feel it less.

Air punching with a twist:

You can punch the air, in the right standing form, and twist your body as you do it. This is a standing exercise that keeps you in the same place, making it the perfect exercise for your small living room, bedroom, or office space where you can’t really move around much.


Swimming not only helps you burn a lot of calories, but it also works out a lot of your muscles. This keeps your body moving, and your blood moving right along with it.

Daily stretches and yoga:

If you don’t want to risk overworking your body, you can always start off with stretching and yoga. Anything that moves your body more than you usual move it is going to work towards getting that proper blood flow that you are looking for. So if you aren’t great at keeping active doing those other things for long periods of time, try yoga and stretching for a few months as you work up to the previously mentioned exercises. For info on our cardiac and radiologic diagnostic interpretation service, get in touch with us today.

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